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What is the future of diagnostics post-Covid?

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Covid has certainly changed the diagnostics industry landscape.

The question is how much and for how long? How many of the changes are unique to Covid and disappear in a post-Covid world? How many are here to stay? We don’t have all the answers, but we have collected many of the key issues the industry is thinking about both long and short-term.

  • Is at-home testing COVID-specific or has that behavior changed permanently?
  • Consumers are more educated about and more demanding of the speed and accuracy of testing results. What do we DO about that?
  • The regulatory bar was lowered dramatically for COVID. Is that a permanent change or a temporary one?
  • Are there non-medical sites that will be testing in the future? Stadiums? Cruise lines? Airlines?
  • Could we see entirely new ‘testing-only’ businesses emerge?

About Volpi

At Volpi, we are experts in the emission, transmission and detection of light to create insights.

Volpi is thinking about these questions every day as it serves many of the world’s largest life sciences and diagnostics manufacturers.

We don’t have all the answers, but the first step is to make sure we are asking all the right questions.

With the ultimate goal of improving patient’s lives, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance the performance of diagnostic instruments, so healthcare professionals can better research and diagnose diseases and make more informed treatment decisions.

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