Critical Success Factors in moving
from optical design to manufacturing

Webinar • 10:30AM US EST • FEB 10, 2021

The effectiveness of the best-conceived design will be diminished if the design transfer process is not properly planned for and executed.

The ultimate success of bringing life sciences and diagnostic instruments to market lies within the efficiency of the lifecycle workflow. From proof of concept, to engineering prototype, and eventual commercial product, there are distinct and critical transitions between each stage.

Of these transitions, design transfer, the movement of a design to production, may be the most important. This is especially true in the development of optoelectronics. Failure to transfer a design effectively can lead to delays, quality issues, supply chain problems, higher costs and more. Conversely, the rewards of effective design transfer are great: it can lower material and production costs, speed time to market, increase product quality, and generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

Your Host

Ken Dec

Stephen Chabot
COO & President
Volpi USA

Stephen Chabot joined Volpi as its COO in mid-2018 leading global operations as well as serving as President of Volpi USA. Prior to joining Volpi he was Vice President Operations for INFICON, Inc., a global provider of instrumentation for the semiconductor, display, and environmental markets where Mr. Chabot was responsible for customer service, supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, quality and process engineering. Before he has held leadership roles at PwC and ITT Industries. Mr. Chabot holds an MBA and BBA from St. Bonaventure University.

Get it right the first time.

The world’s leading instrument brands know the importance of a proper optical design transfer process, and they rely on more than internal expertise to make their designs a manufacturing reality. Success requires deep optoelectronic expertise, a proven design transfer process and a relentless focus on quality.

Avoid the pitfalls.

Don’t be plagued by the common pitfalls of the design transfer process. Learn how you can ensure a seamless transfer to manufacturing, improving both time to market, and your bottom line with this free guide from Volpi, a leading provider of optoelectronics for many of the world's most trusted life sciences and diagnostics instrument manufacturers.

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Critical Success Factors in moving
from optical design to manufacturing

Webinar • 10:30AM US EST • FEB 10, 2021